Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thirumala Trip on June 7th

Hi All,
This post is about My trip to Thirumala on 7th June 2009 with Selva.
I was asking Selva and Thiru for long time about Thirumala Trip. I asked balajee whether he can join with us, he said okay. Finally On 24th May we decided to we will book ticket, by 2.00PM we four went to TTD booking center in Venkateshwara High School, Vellore. We booked ticket for Dharshanam on June 7th Sunday. Due to some other work Balajee and Thiru did not come to Thirumala. On 6th June I called selva and said we will meet tomorrow morning 4.45 in bus stand.
8th June Sunday
As we discussed yesterday Selva came to bus stand by 4.45 itself. I came to bus stand by 5.10. When I saw the Thirupati bus platform it was empty and enquired with a man he said buses will come.

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