Thursday, February 11, 2010

Volvo bus to Chennai from Vellore

Hi all, Yesterday I went to chennai to attend office meeting. Usually I will go by bus, which his comfortable to reach office. I went to vellore bus stand to take bus to chennai. I seen Volvo bus standing in chennai platform to take off. I planned to take Volvo bus for chennai, but it was repair due to some battery problem. So, I took ordinary bus and went to office. When I finished meeting in office and started to home, I usually take bus from CMBT, when I reached CBMT I saw Volvo bus to vellore. I get into it and asked conductor when the bus will start? he said 9 pm. Once again the bus got repaired, when inquired, they said starting problem.. after 9.30 they arranged another Volvo bus.. it started 9.45 and reached vellore by 12.00.....

Bus Info:
  • Color: White and Green
  • Route Number: 502
  • Fare: 145 only
To know about the bus timings check this link:

Thursday, February 4, 2010

15 useful Google Wave features

Google Wave the next generation collaboration tool is becoming more popular. Below is the video which explains 15 useful features of Google Wave.