Monday, December 23, 2013

For this only people voted for Aam Aadmi Party

Finally Aam Admi Patry is forming the government with the help of Indian National Congress. When I first heard this news, Communist and Congress party came into my mind. They will fight like anything (I don’t think they are acting but not sure ;-) ) but at last Communist will support INC like anything. 

So today AAP becomes INC and INC becomes Communist.
Few questions running into my mind and who is going to answer:
  • AAP said we won’t make any alliance, what happen to that?
  • What made them to change their mind?
  • By getting support from INC what is their stand in Lok sabha election? Are they going to support INC?
  • Heard like their next target is Gujarat, do they think Gujarat GOV is not doing well? Or they are doing this because of getting support from INC?
  • AAP doesn’t have guts to face re-election? 
Now its the people responsibility to answer who have voted for AAP

If the party is really for Aam Admi then they should have faced re-election instead of surrendering.


  1. Boss., the alliance with Inc was accepted only after the feedbacks from public people... Also kejriwal had announced that congress can withdraw their support at any point of time that too with silly reasons.. Which parties have guts to say like this...? Initially aap wanted to face 're-election boldly., but people of Delhi wish to have kejriwal as their CM... That's it.. No hidden logic behind this... Let's see how he rules our capital city...

    1. So if people of Delhi says lets keep alliance with Congress for Lok Sabha election what AAP will do?????

  2. Regarding the alliance when people have given their mandate and the only possibility is that either get the support from INC( unconditionally ) ( which is corrupt ) and form a government probably it is a trap from the cunning congress. And not from the BJP ( which is communal ) and INC would really want to trap AAP by their own manifesto of reducing 50% electricity bill and by giving 700ltrs of water to each family in delhi. Do you think INC is going to support AAP for the nxt 5 years .. surely not.. This might work in favor of AAP if congress withdraws support with in a month. Kejriwal has clearly said politicians of delhi of both parties would face criminal proceedings if found corrupt.

    people have asked them to form a govt. so people have changed their mind,

    What is the point in supporting INC when it is very clear they are going to be washed away in the lok sabha elections. do u really think since they support AAP in delhi would AAP support them ... no wayz...

    It is not only about Gujarat they would probably target the metros and tier 2 cities.. do you really think gujarat govt has done justice to their state. one or two developed cities like Ahmedabad and surat doesnot make up a whole state I guess ( Kindly refer to the article of Justice katju report on Gujarat )..

    How on earth Do you think AAP does not have the guts to face a Re election. do you really think they are going to lose .. they are gonna win for sure. Its both the INC and BJP who does not want a re election since they are very much aware they are going to be swept away by AAP and lose the Re election..

    I would like you to answer my question to whom would you vote
    INC ( corrupt ),
    BJP ( communal )
    AAP ( who wants to clean up the whole system )

    1. AAP knows that congress is not going to support them for 5yrs then why they should form the government instead they should be ready for re-election.

      Not all the people who voted for AAP supported to form government with the help of Congress. AAP should respect all his voters!