Monday, December 23, 2013

For this only people voted for Aam Aadmi Party

Finally Aam Admi Patry is forming the government with the help of Indian National Congress. When I first heard this news, Communist and Congress party came into my mind. They will fight like anything (I don’t think they are acting but not sure ;-) ) but at last Communist will support INC like anything. 

So today AAP becomes INC and INC becomes Communist.
Few questions running into my mind and who is going to answer:
  • AAP said we won’t make any alliance, what happen to that?
  • What made them to change their mind?
  • By getting support from INC what is their stand in Lok sabha election? Are they going to support INC?
  • Heard like their next target is Gujarat, do they think Gujarat GOV is not doing well? Or they are doing this because of getting support from INC?
  • AAP doesn’t have guts to face re-election? 
Now its the people responsibility to answer who have voted for AAP

If the party is really for Aam Admi then they should have faced re-election instead of surrendering.